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Recorded at Studio Heritage
by Olivier Bourgeois and Karl Delorme


World, Destruction

Another tragedy that we maintain, for only profits needed

Nature is dying, the trees are being chopped to the ground

Water pollution is tainting the bank

Glaciers are melting, dissolving

Without us admitting the risk of future calamity.

The ozone has been damaged by our ignorance

Growing with disregard

Breathing in toxins, hurting, damaging our lungs

The sun is slowly burning the earth

Tidal waves sinking cities

Taking back land for the seas

This world will make us pay


This world will make us pay

Our filth is spreading all over the world

Trash islands are covering the seas

Many species are going instinct

And we act like nothings happening


We are the cause of many hecatombs

Just caring for ourselves

Devastation of the land, with tools of man

Unstoppable annihilation

Expanding the buildings

Deceiving our communities

Our government is only trying to make us blind!

This world will make us pay

Cause we won’t act or react to the changes in which we live in

Or the signals that she has sent

We’re all guilty of our sins against the biosphere

And for this we shall pay

Cause this is the….


…Of the human race

None deserve to live

We’re all forsaken

We wont stop until we’ve reached the edge.

We dieeeee

For our sins against the world

There is no way to go back in time to where it all began

We are the cause of our own extinction

This is the aftermath of all that we’ve done

Today we die


from Humanity's Disgrace EP, released January 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Humanity's Disgrace Montréal, Québec

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